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RAIJINTEK Triton 240mm Water Cooler - Red, Blue Or Green

Manufacturer Raijintek
Model Triton
Socket Support Intel & AMD
Max Cooling TBC
Heatpipes 240mm Radiator
Fan Size 2 x 120mm
Fan Speed 3000 RPM
Noise Level 21.6 ~ 36.6dB
  • Best performing, expandable and most user friendly AIO liquid cooling system at market
  • All-In-One liquid CPU cooler with new PUMP, Water block and Tank design
  • New design and exclusive PUMP with high Q-max (120 L/H) and Low noise level (20 dBA)
  • Durable and reliable PUMP Bearing type - Graphite Pipe and Ceramic axis and 50K hours life expectancy
  • New design of Copper water block by micro channel, extra large contact fin area with 2 channels to provide best flow of liquid
  • 3 solo parts but best combined together to one set:  PUMP,  Water block & Tank
  • High density fin radiator (240mm)
  • 2pcs performing 12025 wide PWM RPM range fans with fan controller
  • 350ml high capacity coolants pre-filled and re-fill design
  • 2pcs LED lights inside the tank
  • Solid mounting kits to provide sturdy installation
  • Multiple mounting kits for modern sockets of INTEL & AMD CPU
TRITON, RAIJINTEK’s first Liquid Cooling System in the well known All-In-One design, designed in Germany and made in Taiwan. With several years of experience in Liquid cooling products and the cooperation with German Engineers, RAIJINTEK’s RD team developed the concepts of most performing DIY liquid cooling components and spent years to design one of the best performing and expandable All-In-One Liquid CPU cooler for enthusiasts. TRITON’s copper water block is a new concept design of micro channels, extra large contact fin area with 2 flow channels for the best direct flow of liquid. More than this, TRITON’s Pump, also new and exclusive, designed for high Q-Max, low dBA, and contains a reliable Bearing type. Not only a new design pump and water block are used, TRITON’s radiator is also using high density design fin radiator. TRITON is not only one of the best performing All-In-One liquid cooling at the market but it is the most user friendly AIO cooler in the world by the pre-filled liquid, providing 3 different colors for your scheme and by your convenience, a fan controller with wide RPM adjustable range of 2*12025 fans, a solid mounting kit, is compatible with all modern sockets of Intel & AMD at market and an easy installation. TRITON, already breaking the boundary line between DIY & All-In-One, brought to you for the joy of friendly design and the surprisingly efficient performance.
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