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The INTEL i5 Tremor, An turbo boosted CPU and a super-fast M.2 make this a tempting proposition - PC PRO/ALPHR "it’s fair to say that Palicomp has achieved Core i7 performance for the price of a Core i5". Put together for PC PRO/ Alphr to review, we believed that pure performance for the lowest price was what to aim. Getting 4 out of 5 Stars we were happy with the results of the review, unfortunately one of the downfalls was the noise levels, for majority of people you would not find that the noise levels are too high, however we have found that a few minor upgrades could make this system a near Silent system, see below recommendations. The upgraded 12th Gen 12400F which will turbo up givingis giving near performance levels to what we would expect the i7 to include. Now included is the PRIME B660 motherboard from ASUS is coupled with 16GB of DDR4 RAM which is plenty for any of today's applications. There's also the latest M.2 technology included, upgraded now with a 500GB which is an improvement over a standard SSD, this alongside a spacious 2TB purely for storage - for everyday use and gaming. On the graphical side of things it has been upgraded free to a AMD 6500 XT 4GB, this plays all games on the market at more or less that top frame rates. We decided to house it all in the ThermalTake H25 case which we have found to be attractive with excellent features. Its a perfect system as an all-round household desktop gaming system. A Samsung 24X DVD+/-RW drive included to take care of all reading and burning needs for CD's and DVD's. Supplied with Windows 10 or 11 64Bit fully installed as standard ready to go out of the box.
Ideal for: Medium /High Gaming / Home Entertainment/ Office use
Recommended Upgrades BE QUIET! Pure Rock CPU Cooler - Ultra Quiet Option  / CIT FLASH / nVIDIA GeForce RTX3060 12GB

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