INTEL i5 Titanium 2.0

NEW 11th GEN Version

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Intel i5 Titanium 

Do you want the best spec for Home/Office for £500?, then this is the question we were asked when we sent in the i5 Titianium system into review. Now featuring Intel's latest Rocket Lake i5 quad core, the i5 11400 which runs upto 4.4Ghz is the most demanded processor for Home use, anything more as to be questioned whether you will benefit for home tasks. The 8GB of DDR4 RAM is a generous amount of RAM for the most intensive tasks ,By adding a graphics card then this can become an impressive gaming and video/graphics system. The best combination of storage included being an SSD drive alongside a 1TB HDD. The case, stylish, with Scandinavian exterior design is matched by the fully painted interior, complete with the signature white details of Fractal Design. The case is optimized for airflow with a straight cooling path, maybe limited if you are considering upgrades in the future. An ASUS 24X DVD+/-RW drive included to take care of all reading and burning needs for CD's and DVD's. Supplied with Windows 10 or 10 Pro 64Bit fully installed as standard ready to go out of the box and the disc is provided for future re-installations.
Ideal for: Low Gaming / Home Entertainment/ Office use
Recommended Upgrades ADVANCED - OS Tuning For Best Performance For Windows 10 or 10 Pro / NVIDIA GTX1650 4GB / 512GB INTEL M.2 nVME 660P

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