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The INTEL i5 Focus, is focused (You see that!) on getting the best all round gaming/home system for a budget of £1000. The system has been sent to PC PRO (ALPHR) Magazine. "A great combination of high-end performance and fast, capacious storage makes this a clear winner" PC - Pro Oct 16. We have recently revamped this spec at no extra cost as the Intel Kaby Lake has been released. So this spec now has the latest Intel i5 7600K overclocked to approx 4.6Ghz, the popular Prime 270-P motherboard from ASUS is coupled with 16GB of DDR4 RAM which is plenty for any of today's applications, this is at a blistering 3200Mhz speed. Included as standard we have a Samsung M.2 NVME storage drive your OS - this will be mainstream addition from 2016 on-wards - bottle-necking officially smashed, also a 2TB purely for storage. On the graphical side of things we used the best card for price and performance being the GTX1060 6GB card, this plays all games on the market at more or less that top frame rates and has been overclocked for even more performance and bang for your buck. The case we have chosen was a hard decision, knowing that reviewers are eager on noise levels we had to use the ever popular Fractal Design R5 purely for this reason, also it has been consistent in positive reviews when previously used, it ticks a lot of boxes1 . Its a perfect system as an all-round household desktop gaming system. A Samsung 24X DVD+/-RW drive included to take care of all reading and burning needs for CD's and DVD's. Supplied with Windows 10, 8.1 or 7 64Bit fully installed as standard ready to go out of the box and the disc is provided for future re-installations.
Ideal for: Medium /High Gaming / Home Entertainment/ Office use
Recommended Upgrades ADVANCED - OS Tuning For Best Performance For Windows 7+8+10 / 512GB SAMSUNG SM951 PCI-E M.2 / nVIDIA GeForce GTX1070 8GB PCI-E 3.0 Ready

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