Is This A Good Gaming PC?

A Beginners Guide

One of the most common searches is “Is this a good gaming pc” or “is this gaming pc any good”. We see it across a network of question and answer websites, search engines and the biggest of all on forum posts! The answers and opinions (some of them hopeless we may add) seem to be endless and we have tried to cover off as much as possible by being completely impartial and helpful and hopefully this will help a lot of people, here are some of the most common questions. This is a post for gaming pc novices or for people buying a new gaming pc as a gift.

We are not going to show “minimum” requirements on this post, reason is we can’t understand what serious gamers would want a pc game that runs slowly and doesn’t give you an enjoyable experience. We have also not put a hard drive in this guide. Also if a component in your spec is NOT on this list then the chances are it won’t be suitable. All of our gaming PCs will play all games but the quality of them will differ, games that are not highly graphically powerful such as Minecraft, Rollercoaster tycoon and Flight Simulator will all play on our medium range specs, if in doubt just give us a call to 01270 898104 or drop us an email.

Will This PC Play The Latest Games?

This is a basic way to choose which components to make sure are in your PC if you want to play the latest games at a reasonable setting. [Click on the image to open] Will this pc specification play the latest games

How Do I Know Which Graphics Card To Choose?

There is so much choice when it comes to choosing a graphics card, usually the more money you pay the better graphics card for the latest games. Every graphics card performs differently with different games, and produces a variety of frame rates depending on the screen you have and of course the specification inside your computer. Also please check out what customers say about us, this website is completely impartial so we dont just pick the best reviews!    

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