Choosing A Gaming Computer Company

Buying a gaming pc is a major purchase, and should never be taken too lightly, not only is price an issue to contend with but so is the specification. Some system builders like Dell and PC World are renowned brands but take large profit margins on their specifications, because their brands are leaders, they have higher overheads and shareholders to pay, this is not a huge issue to them, but has left a gaping hole to small suppliers.


We work closely with all our suppliers to get the absolute best prices on all components, and because of our overheads we can offer our systems sometimes 40% lower than our large competitors with the exact same specifications.

For Instance, this is PC Worlds “HP Envy Phoenix h9-1330ea” desktop PC, at the time of writing(9TH January 2013) this specification is £1049, Its specification is: • Intel core i7 3770k • 6gb RAM • AMD Radeon HD 7770 • 2 TB Harddrive • Unknown motherboard













This is our spec, its our “Carbon intel base unit” with the following upgrades:               • Coolermaster K350 Black case with 12cm Fan • 750w Powercool PSU • Intel Core i7 4+ core 3770k • Gigabyte Z77- D3H motherboard • Higher RAM – 8GB DDR3 • 2TB Hard drive SATA 3 • AMD Radeon HD 7770 Graphics Card • Wireless keyboard and mouse • Card Reader • Internal Wireless Card A slightly improved spec for just £801.99 THATS A SAVING OF NEARLY £250! This is just one very simple example that we put together after 5 minutes, without any cuts or cheats, the specification is as close as we can make it. It just shows how much money you can save when you shop around! Why not challenge us on a spec??

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