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Choosing A Gaming Computer Company

Buying a gaming pc is a major purchase, and should never be taken too lightly, not only is price an issue to contend with but so is the specification. Some system builders like Dell and PC World are renowned brands but take large profit margins on their specifications, because their brands are leaders, they have higher overheads and shareholders to pay, this is not a huge issue to them, but has left a gaping hole to small suppliers.

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Steam Greenlight: Top 10 Marketing Tips

I thought Steams “Tips for marketing on Steam Greenlight”was pretty poor with not much information on how to really push your game to a larger audience. Let’s face facts Steam is dominating a new arena of PC games and it could be well and truly the future of all PC gaming. If you didn’t know, Steam picks its new games on the support it is given from the “greenlight” community so developers need to market and promote their games.

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The First, First Person Shooter: An INFOGRAPHIC

The first person shooter is arguably the most successful genre in computer gaming today, its journey is long and epic and has evolved like no other gaming genre, some of you may be surprised as too where it started, others may not. Below we have listed not only the most successful games in the field but one’s that have defined and inspired both gamers and developers alike. Please feel free to share your comments below or on facebook!

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Bargain PC Gaming Deals – 05th October

Some of you will be playing FIFA, some of you may be endulging in Resi 6 on Console, but we have found more cracking deals for you this weekend! Remember these prices are correct as we find them, some may run out, some may change in price, but if you want a great gaming deal this weekend look no further.....

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TOP 10 PC Gaming WTFs

There are many, many posts and blogs about bad pc games right? But, how many times have you played a game and just thought, what the hell is going on?? These pc games are definitely worth a play, even for a laugh.

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Bargain PC gaming Deals - 28th September

Its Friday, once again, the nights are drawing in, the weather is unbelievably dank, so if you are looking for a great deal for a PC game this weekend, look no further!! Remember, all deals are correct at time of publishing, and they can change/go out of stock rather quickly!

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Bargain PC Gaming Deals

Its Friday, Friday, way, no way on this earth are we going to spit out that song! But yes, it IS Friday and today we have decided to dig out the best deals on PC games we can find on the web, if you fancy a good deal to play over the weekend, read on....These deals may only last a day or so, so be quick!

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Which PC Gaming Case Is Best?

Believe it or not, the case, the chassis, the tower, whatever you want to call it, remains a crucial component in the eyes of the serious PC gamer. We concur, why? Overclocking and Heat. Most of our systems are tweaked to give maximum performance for the best symbiosis between your graphics (another heat monolith) and RAM. This abundance of heat needs some sort of control, particularly when you’re playing high benchmark games such as Battlefield 3 or the infamous GPU cruncher Crysis and crucially that’s one of the key features to why a gaming case remains a pivotal choice in your pc purchase.

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Welcome To The Jungle!

Well done for finding our brand new blog, we are planning to add some funky stuff all about the world of custom pcs, gaming and all about high end specification and what we love!


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